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Guy's Pokémon Go Costume Wins Halloween

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Why settle for being a video game character for Halloween when you can be an entire video game? Matt Borgelt’s Pokémon Go costume, posted to his Instagram account yesterday, is not only detailed and ambitious, it allows you to play a truncated version of the game to boot.

While some might be worried about allowing peers and strangers to throw things at their midsection, Borgelt is a brave soul. When you spin the Pokéstop in his hand it’ll give you Pokéballs, which you can then hurl at a Pikachu affixed to his stomach. It even mimics the frustrating second long pause where you’re not sure if you’ve caught the dang thing.


The impeccable attention to detail extends not only to Pokémon Go, but the man sized phone as well. It’s nice to see that it’s fully charged, but, hey, is that a Tinder notification?


It’s hard to say whether dating is more satisfying than catching a Pikachu, but at least for this hypothetical person, one’s taking precedent over the other.

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