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Guy Scammed Online Gets Revenge By Texting Entire Shakespeare Plays

Illustration for article titled Guy Scammed Online Gets Revenge By Texting Entire Shakespeare Plays

Edd Joseph bought a PS3 online from some stranger, and guess what, despite paying for it, the PS3 never arrived. Edd could have just sulked and got on with his life, but no. Edd got revenge. And Edd's revenge was sweet.


"I was really annoyed and I was trying to think of ways of being more in the position of power because I felt so helpless about it", Joseph told the Bristol Post.

"My first thought was that I could try and pretend I had found out where he lived but it was all a bit of a cliche and it wasn't going to worry him really."


"Then it just occurred to me you can copy and paste things from the internet and into a text message."

"It got me thinking, 'what can I sent to him' which turned to 'what is a really long book', which ended with me sending him Macbeth."

Well, it actually started with Macbeth, which took 600 text messages to send in its entirety. He then cent Cymbeline, at 847 texts, All's Well That Ends Well, at 861 messages, and Hamlet, which took 1143 texts to send.

Understandably, the scammer is pissed, his phone rendered unusable by the never-ending torrent of Shakespearian text messages. Edd's been getting abusive phone calls from the perplexed con artist, but he says he's not going to stop.


"I'm not a literary student, and I'm not an avid fan of Shakespeare but I've got a new appreciation you could say - especially for the long ones."

Bristol man gets revenge by texting works of Shakespeare to rogue internet seller [Bristol Post, via Daily Dot]

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Kogasa Tatara

So, guy gets scammed. Spends entire life getting revenge by texting plays.