Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? Twenty-six year-old Heath Blom didn't. He was given a Wii, got mad, and a fight broke out leading to a double arrest. Oh, the holidays.

Blom and his 24 year-old girlfriend, Randi Young, were both arrested for misdemeanor "domestic-related" assault charges. An altercation broke out over Christmas presents. Police arrived at the Blom residence on Christmas Day to discover the couple bruised and battered.

"Heath Blom wanted a remote-controlled airplane for Christmas, and not the Wii," said Sgt. Kuffer Kaltenborn. Blom's grandmother gave him a Nintendo Wii, which he scoffed at, causing his girlfriend to call him names "for not liking the Wii."

According to Young, "He [Heath Blom] said he hated it. It hurt her [his grandmother's] feelings... When he didn't get the plane, he got really upset. He acted like a 10-year-old kid."

A fight ensued with Blom supposedly dragging Young down two flights of stairs ‚ÄĒ by her hair. Blom claims Young punched him in the eye three times.


If only they went online and settled this like adults with a good old fashioned flame war.

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