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Guy Finds Every Terminal In Fallout 4 In Attempt To Uncover Last Secret

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Fallout 4 has a ridiculous number of terminals, most of which the average player will never see. One man, however, has actually spent over 25 hours poring through every computer in Fallout 4. It’s madness.

Why would anybody do such a thing? Well, you may recall that last month, Fallout 4's director, Todd Howard, said there were “a couple of things” within the game that nobody had found yet. While he didn’t specify what the easter eggs were, he did mention that there was a particularly good one waiting to be found in a Fallout 4 terminal.

Since then, players have been racking their heads trying to uncover the last remaining Fallout 4 secret. One player in particular, Lavonicus—who you might know as the dude who explored all of Fallout 4's underwater segments—actually went through the trouble of visiting every single terminal in the game. Lavonicus has documented his findings in a massive upload to his Steam profile, and right now, there are 1,364 pictures of terminals that anybody can peruse here. That’s a whole lotta terminals.

“It’s not that difficult to do, it just gets extremely tedious,” Lavonicus told me. “Going from building to building making sure you’ve explored that building. Exploring outside and around that building.”


“I used a grid map...filled in square after square to keep track of where I had been,” Lavonicus said. “I also wrote down the name of every building I went into.”

Hilariously, Lavonicus even no-clipped inside every single terminal, in the off-chance Howard was being literal about the secret being INSIDE a terminal. (He didn’t find anything of note, though.)


So far, the most surprising thing Lavonicus has uncovered are a number of corrupted terminals hidden around Fallout 4. Otherwise, Lavonicus is hoping other players help him sort through all the pictures, since it’ll be easier to tell what’s new and what’s old when the terminals are all in an easy-to-find place. Funnily enough, it is now safe to say the last secret has been found, but not identified. Hey, it’s progress.

“Can I just say, that Todd Howard had absolutely horrible timing when he announced this, well for me at least,” Lavonicus joked. “I decided I was going to pick up all the items in the game (PS4) and drop them on Spectacle Island to see if I could break my PS4.


“So I literally, had just been everywhere in the game, picking up every little thing. I finished [that], then a few days later TH says ‘There’s a terminal with an Easter Egg in it’. Great, [I had] to go everywhere yet again! ahahahaha.”