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We really like Gunpoint here at Kotaku. Those of us who have the game can't stop playing it. Kirk's gone over why the game is so great in his review, but I think there's one area in particular that deserves a little extra attention: its achievements.


They're practical. Poignant. Hilarious. Self-aware. Everything you want from them.


Some follow the standard format of simply rewarding you for hitting a milestone, but others are so good because they fit the spirit of the game, one that never takes itself very seriously, and is constantly aware of its limitations.

Below are some examples. They should serve as examples to any game that implements achievements on any system (so, well, every game).

Title Finally Relevant

Help justify my early, not entirely wise choice of game name by holding someone at gunpoint with the Resolver.

Might As Well Have An Achievement For That Too

Use the Gatecrashers to kick a door through a window.

I Am Better At This Than Tom Francis

Complete a mission faster than I can.

And my favourite, if only because it's so close to home:

Acknowledged Ludonarrative Dissonance

Notice the story doesn't necessarily gel with the mechanics. Become qualified games journalist.

Got any favourites of a similarly whimsical nature? Let us know below!

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