Gundam Or Burning Alive? Hrm...

Last August, a 29-year-old factory worker was arrested for setting his house on fire. The cause? An altercation with his mother over Gundam figurines.


Yoshifumi Takabe was accused of dousing his room in kerosene and lighting it ablaze with a lighter after his mother disposed of his "precious" Gundam plastic model figurines. Takabe intended to kill himself, but ended up escaping without injury as did his 55-year-old mother.

His family's two-story house burned to the ground.

Takabe has pleaded guilty, and has now admitted in court as his case has gotten underway that he set fire to his house out of anger.

"Plastic figures of Gundam are like my life partners," he told the court. "I thought I would rather burn to death with them than have them thrown away."


Man torches home over trashed toys [The Japan Times Online] [Pic]

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