Kunio Okawara is one of Japan’s most famous mecha designers. For years, he’s created iconic machines for Gundam anime. Now, he’s turning his talents to designing an electric car.

The two-seater, named Ex Machina, was shown earlier this year at a retrospective of Okawara’s 40-year career. According to Okawara (via AmiAmi), the vehicle “should be able to do what a full-sized automobile can’t.”

Namely this.

[GIF: NextWaves]

And this.

[GIF: NextWaves]

Among other things. Ex Machina can transform its shape, making it closer to something you’d see in an anime or sci-fi flick. (No wonder Yahoo-Japan! is reporting that there’s currently a crowdfunding campaign for an anime based on the car.)

[Photo: AmiAmi]

[Photo: AmiAmi]

Tokyo’s Four Link Systems is developing the “ultra-compact mobility” car, which has a mounted camera for a panoramic view and is connected to the internet. Ex Machina is being called a “drivable smartphone.”

[Photo: AmiAmi]

The company plans to get Ex Machina approved for roads and offer it for sale in the next two years or so.

[Photo: NextWaves]

The Gundam mecha designer added (via AmiAmi), “When they go to market I’d like to add the Federation or Zeon logo.”

Top photo: AmiAmi

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