Guitar Hero World Tour Video Debut

Hearing about it is one thing, seeing it in action is another. Here is the debut trailer for Activision's strike back against Rock Band, Guitar Hero World Tour. It features drums, guitars, bass, and microphones, but these drums go to eleven. The trailer promises the largest set list ever, the ability to record and share your own single of the song you are performing, and a battle of the bands mode, but none of those are as exciting as the simple fact that the team behind Guitar Hero III is doing it. Anyone who has played guitar in both Rock Band and Guitar Hero knows that GH owns the guitar. Apply that same science to the drums and I just might be regretting I hopped on the Rock Band...bandwagon so soon, taking up all the space I have in my apartment for fake musical instruments.

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@BigBooBuddy: I do agree that RB would benefit from less frantic charting. Which is why I think this new GH could be in trouble.

In GH's 1-3, when you failed a was only your butt on the line. The only person who suffers is you the gamer.

But in a game like RB or now World Tour, there's three other people who are also trying to enjoy themselves. So you can't just crazy chart the guitar and let them take all of the "spotlight" so to speak.

Rock Band found a setlist that balanced who got to show off. Your drummer can show their stuff on Run to the Hills, and then sit back and let the two guitarists go nuts for GG&HT. Once everybody's cramped up, they can play a cool off song like Suffragette City or I'm So Sick while the vocalist gets a chance in the spotlight.

But with GHIV, I have a feeling they're not going to find that balance, or their going to overchart things so much that it'll be tough to find four people who can play together without having "that guy" who just can't catch up to the song on any difficulty.

You don't need four "masters" to play/beat/enjoy 90% of the on-disc songs for RB on Expert. I can't say the same for GHIII's coop.