Guitar Hero: Van Halen Now Available For Pre-Order At GameStop

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Executives have spoken of it. Ratings Boards have classified it. And now the world's largest games retailer is accepting preorders for it. Activision, it's about time you announced Guitar Hero: Van Halen.


A GameStop employee has helpfully pointed us towards his overseer's website, where you can throw some money down on the unannounced title right now. There are listings for 360, PS3, Wii and PS2 versions, while there's also an awfully precise-looking release date of July 28 in there as well.

While, as Van Halen fans, we're not ones to look a gift horse in the mouth, the fact this thing is real is a little odd. No offence to Van Halen, but they're not exactly in the same league - in terms of popularity and marketability - as Aerosmith and Metallica.

Leading us to ponder: what's next? Guitar Hero: Poison? Guitar Hero: Meatloaf? Guitar Hero: Incubus?

Guitar Hero: Van Halen [GameStop]



I'm a huge Van Halen (not Van Hagar, quoth Joe Dirt) fan, but they don't have enough A-list tunes to fill out a game like this, and Luke's right, kids these days aren't worshipping at the altar of Eddie like they did when big hair and acid-washed jeans were the height of cool.

Here's a list of Van Halen standards

1. Running with the Devil

2. Panama

3. Unchained

4. Jump

5. Everybody Wants Some!!!

6. Jamie's Crying

7. Atomic Punk (reaching, but they played it live for awhile)

8. Hot for Teacher

9. Eruption

10. You Really Got Me

11. Feel Your Love Tonight (also reaching, but I love that song)

12. Dance the Night Away

13. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

14. Beautiful Girls

15. Ice Cream Man (... please god please, I'll buy it just for my theme song)

And Right Now if you throw in Van Hagar. Sure there was other stuff, including the abysmal Gary Cherone years, but you can summarize Van Halen's career as a period of early brilliance, some good times with Sammy, but then in-fighting ruined everything.

Which is the other big question for fans. Are Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar going to be involved? I could live without the latter, but I'll be damned if I want Wolfgang Van Halen as my virtual bassist when I'm rocking out with Diamond Dave, Alex and Eddie.

Here's hoping GH:VH is the first one to incorporate a "Song Remains the Same" type visual element. I want to be playing the track, then see some recreation of the Hot for Teacher video before my eyes. Who cares if I screw up the track... it would be pretty awesome seeing the boys dance so awesomely terrible once again. DLR better have some killer mic moves too, slaying invisible dragons with his mic stand, jumping about with his high kicks and such.

I can see fans picking this up, but Aerosmith and Metallica have decades of hits, and considerable mainstream appeal. Van Halen sort of receded into the metalhead/guitardude pantheon, but I don't think enough of the GH demographic is going to know or care. Oh well, the sooner it hits the bargain bin, the sooner I can pounce.