Guitar Hero: On Tour Full Size Guitar Mod

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Now this is more like it. GH:On Tour is all well and good, but it is hard to feel like yer actual axe-wielding rock warrior when you are hunched over a DS with a soppy-looking 'Guitar Grip' attached to your hand like a Nerf knuckleduster.

Eric Ruckman was so desperate to give the DS port of Guitar Hero the thrashing it so richly deserves that he scooped out the innards of his PS2 guitar and melded it with a DS. The DS touch screen is still used for strumming - the plectrum stylus works even better in this context - and the crafty sod even bolted on an FM transmitter to pump stereo sound through his hi-fi.

Hack Guitar Hero DS into a guitar controller [Hack-A- Day via Engadget]

Follow the jump for a video of the mod in action

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Now all he needs is a video output to a TV and you've got a whole (Medium-level) Guitar Hero experience in the form of one controller.

But anyway, he did a great job on it.