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Guitar Hero Marches On With Queen, Hendrix, and James Bond

Illustration for article titled Guitar Hero Marches On With Queen, Hendrix, and James Bond

Activision details their downloadable content lineup for Guitar Hero World Tour this month, bringing players more Hendrix, a little Queen, a smattering of European tracks, and the James Bond theme song.


The month's downloadable songs kick off this Thursday with the third European track pack, with Italy, Finland, and France represented by Vanilla Sky, The Rasmus, and Les Rita Mitsouko respectively. On March 19th the European invasion continues with Dutch symphonic rock band Within Temptation, German punk band Die Toten Hosen, and Spanish rock from M-Clan.

The second Jimi Hendrix Track Pack also drops on the 19th, with "Freedom", "Angel", and a recording of the classic "Foxey Lady" from 1969's Woodstock festival, all complimenting Hendrix's appearance as a playable character in the game.


The month ends on a seriously high note, with three songs from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Queen. The classic "We Are The Champions" and "C-Lebrity" from their 2008 album make up two thirds of the pack, but they could have simply released the third track - "Fat Bottomed Girls" - and I would have gladly payed full price.

Backing up Queen on March 26th will be a new original recording of the classic James Bond theme, which World Tour singers should have a complete blast with, making up their own lyrics.
Check out the full listing of tracks by date below!

March 5th
Rasmus - In the Shadows
Vanilla Sky - Break It Out
Les Rita Mitsouko - C'est Comme Ça

March 19th
Within Temptation - What Have You Done
Die Toten Hosen - Her Kommt Alex
M-Clan - Carolina
Hendrix Track Pack 2


March 26th
Queen Track Pack
James Bond Theme

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Die Toten Hosen

YES! Woo, thank god, finally there's some more Die Toten Hosen. I can't wait to-

Hier Kommt Alex

What the fuck?! Do these people think they only had one god damn song? There are plenty of other good songs on Ein Kleines Bisschen Horrorschau, and there are several albums to choose from otherwise. Hell, do another moderately well known song like Bonnie und Clyde or Alles aus Liebe (okay, maybe not that one, but you get the idea), just enough of Alex. Please.