Guitar Hero Dev Explains Why The Sky Is Falling

It's one thing when a writer or sales analyst tells you music game sales are down. It's another, all the more disheartening thing to hear it from someone who makes Guitar Hero games for a living.

"Sales across the board were lower last year," Neversoft project director Brian Bright told MCV. "Our rival might sugercoat it but I won't. Sales are down for software and for peripherals. We put out a load of games last year, and even when you add them all together they didn't do better than World Tour."


Bright puts the slide down to a loss of focus. "The first three Guitar Hero games had very strong ties to rock ‘n' roll, but I think with World Tour and 5 we just tried to please everybody. And in the end I think we ended up not pleasing anybody. We put more into this game to give Guitar Hero its life back".

Precisely the problem with DJ Hero as well. If only Activision's devs all worked in the same building...

Neversoft: Music game sales ARE down [MCV]

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