So faithful reader TheGameCritic was at the WizardWorld Chicago, which he describes as a "comic/pop culture convention of sorts." He saw Boba Fett walking around, he saw some kids playing Guitar Hero, he got an idea and he made it happen.

And suddenly, it hits me. LucasArts. A rhythm game. The Max Rebo Band, with that crazy circular keyboard, the astroclarinet and the mike. Three more utterly useless and incompatible peripherals, plus SingStar in Huttese. It's like printing money. They've totally got the developer bandwidth for it, right?

** Holy shit, did you read that Wiki article? The bandmembers are called "jizz-wailers"? Only a clueless virgin ... wait, that rather describes a fanfic writer, doesn't it. That might be the worst spaceified fake term since Babylon 5 and "spoo."