Earlier in the week, bemanistyle said they'd heard about an Activision/Konami-branded Guitar Hero arcade game. Not the first time we'd seen one, but it was probably the first official one we'd see. We figured we'd see/hear more at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions get-together in Orlando during the week, and we are not to be disappointed. Bemanistyle today have some new info: the game will be "a modified version of Guitar Hero III" running on PC hardware, and the guitars will look like the new World Tour peripherals, but be built more in line with Konami's Guitar Freaks controller standards. So, yeah, indestructible guitars. In addition, online play will be supported, along with the possibility of online song updates. All of which would be awesome news had the world not played this game to death already - in the comfort of their own homes - in 2007.

Quick update on Guitar Hero arcade from the IAAPA show floor [bemanistyle]