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Unlike the previous title, Activision's next Guitar Hero game won't be numbered, so it won't be called "Guitar Hero 6". It'll be called "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock".

Yes, Warriors of Rock. Sounds dangerously close to the name of a Manowar song, doesn't it? Let's hope the similarities don't end there, and Activision can actually make good on its promise of returning the series to its rocking roots, and away from anything and everything it had become by Guitar Hero 5.


That said, the presence of My Chemical Romance and AFI amongst the featured bands does not bode well, no matter how many Slayer songs they throw in to dilute the effects (so far it's just one, Chemical Warfare).

Guitar Hero 6 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will be out at the end of the year, for PS3, 360 and Wii.

Actually, you know what, screw it. Here's Manowar, in perhaps the best/worst thing ever made. The impatient will want to skip to around 3:48.


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