Activision have unveiled a new website for Guitar Hero 5, in the process confirming not only that the game is returning to a numbered title, but that it has a ballsy new release date.

And that date is September 1. Cocky! You may have heard, a certain other music title is due out in early September. One that features the Beatles.

Something tells me that the market isn't big enough for both those games. Retail shelves probably aren't, either. We've got ourselves a plastic instrument showdown here, folks, and my money's on the one starring the most popular band of all time.

Those that are still planning on picking up the fifth title in the series, know that the lineup of confirmed artists appearing in the game now includes:

The Rolling Stones
The White Stripes
Kings of Leon
Tom Petty
Bob Dylan
Johnny Cash
Vampire Weekend
Beastie Boys
Duran Duran
Jimmy Eat World
The Raconteurs