Guinness Gives Mafia II The F-Bomb Record

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Yesterday, Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunters compiled 200 instances of Mafia II using a four-letter word that rhymes with "John Kruk." Today, Guinness World Records says it's provisionally certified the game as the all-time F-bomb champion among video games.


In an email to Achievement Hunters co-hosts Jack Pattillo and Geoff Ramsey, Guinness' gaming records editor said the venerable sanctioning authority of strange accomplishments will include Mafia II with a citation for "most swearing in a video game," in the next edition of Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition. Guinness has also reached out to 2K Games for a copy of the script to certify the number. A sample citation cites Achievement Hunter as the discoverers of the record.

The previous holder was a Wii game - a John Krukin' Wii game! - 2009's House of the Dead: Overkill, with 189 uses of "fuck" or some permutation of it. Pattillo told me that Achievement Hunter stopped when it got to 200. "There were still like three or four more chapters worth of cutscenes that I could have pulled from," Pattillo said. "But it was already running long." So who knows what the final total will be when Guinness' Gamers Edition comes out.

Achievement Hunter's First World Record! [Achievement Hunter]



I can't believe there's a fucking world record for saying the fucking f-word. Do the make a fucking world record for everything nowadays?