Guild Wars 2's Most Impressive Feet

Characters in Guild Wars 2 are good at lots of things: Fighting, spellcasting, animal-summoning. But they're also really good at standing still. No, seriously!

(Disclaimer: That groaner of a headline is the work of one Mr. S. Totilo. I wash my hands of it. Just kidding, I laughed.)


The great standing animations are something that all three Kotaku Guild Wars 2 players noticed while playing this past weekend, and the folks over at Reddit noticed as well—in a nice, small touch, the characters in Guild Wars 2 are really good at standing still, even on hills.

What do I mean by that? Here, watch this video of my Elementalist Mallia Blaylock moving about on a hillside in the game. Look at her feet, at the way they shift and redistribute her weight depending on how she's standing. Not bad! Sort of a little thing to focus on, but it's those kinds of small details that make this such a visually appealing game.

(Good job, Mallia. Excellent video debut. No go barbecue some bandits or something.)

The humans may work well, but the game hasn't nailed every race—for example, here's an image Mike sent of Calipurnicus, his cute little Asura guardian:


…Not so much on the mountain clipping, there. Here's hoping we get "Proper Asura Feet" in an update.

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