Guild Wars 2 Thinks Fun is More Important Than Money

Illustration for article titled emGuild Wars 2/em Thinks Fun is More Important Than Money

There's a reason I'm highlighting this quote from ArenaNet co-founder and president Mike O'Brien: you just don't see it anymore at the top end of the video game business.

Pre-order money and first-month sales are everything for most publishers, and while Guild Wars 2 has had a big week - there were 400,000 people playing before it was even technically out - there's a limit as to how much money ArenaNet would bring in at the expense of breaking their servers.


The key here is that it's a long-term view. People having a bad experience with an MMO in their first week may never return, but many companies don't look past the initial sale or first month's subscription.Those enjoying their first experience will be back, and maybe back again, and again, until they're fans, who can then spread the word.

It's patient, and it's smart.

Guild Wars 2 Producer: We'd Turn Off Sales to Preserve the Game Experience [Time]

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The game is average at best right now. I really do enjoy the story, but that shouldn't be the focus of an MMORPG. The focus should be playing with friends and feeling that the game is massively multiplayer (Read: MM in MMORPG). In Guild Wars 2, I feel that they threw in Warhammer Online-like world events (I'm sure someone did it before WAR, but it's the first I can think of) to make you think people are helping each other out and being social, but it's just a group of people mashing 1 and 2 over and over. There is no teamwork involved at all.

Leveling is non-linear to the point that it's annoying. I could never find out where I was supposed to be and found myself questing in a level 15 area at level 11, then stumbling into a level 9 zone at level 14. I just hit 15 and was sent to the next zone (even thought 1st zone claims to be 1-17). This next zone says 15-25 and the first town I enter is level 24 enemies. It's frustrating to have to randomly run around the map until I find a zone I belong to then go back to the zone I discovered a few hours back, I can't think of many games with a pacing like that. This isn't game breaking, but it's made me turn the game off and relax with minecraft more then once.

But like I said earlier; the story is a lot of fun which is an upside; especially since I don't need to pay $10/month to clear it. I don't feel rushed to level to 80 since I don't need to beat the clock before being charged $10 to continue my character. I'll probably beat the story then re-roll a new character. I don't see end-game content being too much fun without parties mattering though. No tanks and no healers is a weird concept that makes it feel like its a solo game and not a multiplayer game to me. At least have some features that requires partying and team work, like "Switching" in SAO (if anyone is reading/watching it right now)

There have been a lot of bugs since launch, a few quests couldn't be completed and no trading/mail system. That stuff I believe is too be expected in the first few days of an MMO and when anyone bashes that I just feel like they've never played an MMO in their life. On the flipside, all of the fanboys claiming the game is perfect and game of the year/best MMO ever are clearly just fanboys. It's a fun game to play alone, but I wouldn't call it a great MMORPG at all right now. Maybe in a few months it can become great; but not yet.