Guild Wars 2 Reminds Him Why He Prefers Gaming on Consoles

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Today's Speak Up on Kotaku doles out equal parts PC love and PC hate, as Mr. Gilder attempts to install and launch Guild Wars 2.It's Gilder Wars!

So my experience with Guild Wars 2 last night was a pretty strong reminder of why I favor consoles for gaming . . . regardless of hampered graphics, and a lack of control.

After 10+ hours of weighing pros and cons, and consulting my budget (and wife), I finally decided to pop out to Target and pick the game up at about 8:30pm. So I get my copy home, pop in the first DVD to get the install going, and tadaaaaa! my firewall isn't compatible with the downloader/updater. So after an forty-five minutes to an hour of fiddling with settings, and disabling and enabling things, and hunting for fixes online, I finally get my antivirus to cooperate with GW2. Install goes smoothly.


Now it's time to download and patch! Que up an hour+ of waiting for that to go down.

In the meantime, I'm going to enter my serial # and register my copy. Great idea!

But ooooooh nooooo. Because my email address is the same email address that I played the original GW on, I'll have to link the accounts. Now, I haven't played Guild Wars since 2007 at the latest . . . so damned if I remember that password. Request an email for a password change. Bam! The GW site says that the link in the email is invalid. Please try again. By that time it was about 11:30, and so I went to bed (I know I know, old man, blah blah blah) without so much as even fiddling with the character builder.

Now this morning before work, I finally figured everything out. By logging into my NCSoft master account, I was able to go into my games and change my GW password (thank heavens I'd more recently played Aion, and knew that password). So when I get home tonight, I'll actually be able to play.


And that, ladies and gents, is why I favor consoles. PC has its strengths for sure, and I love the PC exclusive games that I own (I NEEDS me some Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War), but nothing beats popping in the disc, maybe suffering through a patch, and being good to go.

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This is why so many people like Steam. It simplifies all those sort of pesky processes.