Guild Wars 2: Bringing Art To Life

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Most companies wait until the game comes out before they start thinking about releasing an art book. For Guild Wars 2, however, ArenaNet wants to make the art the star.


When I first found out about ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 art book being available at PAX, I questioned whether or not it was the right time for such a promotion. Company founder and president Mike O'Brien explains why art is such a huge focus in Guild Wars 2.

"We have the best artists in the industry. I know it sounds like hyperbole, but our artists are winning every industry award here. We have brilliant artists, and that's why we are featuring the art so heavily".


You can see this in action in the trailer, first unveiled at GamesCom in Germany, which depicts pieces of concept art coming to life almost seamlessly.

"That's a theme of Guild Wars 2 - taking this art and bringing it to life."

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I have high hopes for this game. I loved Guild Wars and its the only MMO I could ever get into (I even tried WoW on multiple occasions, but it didnt hook me). They have a strong foundation for a WoW killer here- Guild Wars gameplay with general improvements and more player abilities. Add the fact that the artwork is leading the level design, its guaranteed to have great quests.

BUT, will the amazing art of GW2 be able to trump KOTOR? Only time will tell, the next big MMO war is brewing, and no quarter will be given.