And This Is The Guild Wars 2 Trailer

Guild Wars 2, upcoming MMORPG from developer ArenaNet, has a trailer. You should watch it.

Back in February, ArenaNet's Mike O'Brien pointed out in an open letter that Guild Wars 2 never had a firm release date attached to it, so there really was no delay regarding the title's fluid release date, as many gaming websites had reported.


"ArenaNet has never given a release date for Guild Wars 2," O'Brien wrote, "other than 'when it's done.'"

Guild War 2 will allow players to port over achievements from previous Guild Wars campaigns.


According to info I read months ago, this one's going to be heavier on the PvE environments. Not just a short campaign arc, it'll feel more like other MMOs with a large world and tons of quests.

I can't imagine they'd tone down the PvP since it was the selling point of the first, but I'd happily get into GW2 if it does the PvE stuff better. I loved GW1's campaigns, but never got into the PvP much. Probably would have if I'd been in a good guild instead of random PUGs.

Just got tired of getting ganked by Korean deathsquads :P