Guess Who's Making A 'God Of War' Movie?

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This guy! Brett Ratner! According to the man himself, a God of War movie adaptation is one of the projects he's currently working on alongside a new Beverly Hills Cop flick and [Unintelligible]. The director of the barely tolerable Rush Hour series and the miserable X-Men: The Last Stand says that the PlayStation hack and slash adventure-turned-movie is "waiting for the scripts and greenlights to come in" so don't start camping for your place in line just yet. It already sounds better than that ill-conceived Guitar Hero movie adaptation, despite Mr. Ratner's track record. We're just interested to see how a game with this much violence and gratuitous nipple on display will nab the much desired PG-13 rating. Brett Ratner Making God of War Film: Confirmed [UGO]


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Rush Hour wasn't the worst thing ever... but X3? Damn. If this movie is anything like X3 that will suck something awful.