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Tablet devices are on the rise, giving tech savvy consumers a convenient way to check their email, search the web, read the news, and shop online, after they've finished playing games. A recent survey shows tablet owners are using their high-tech toys to play games more than any other activity.


Google's AdMob subsidiary polled tablet owners in the U.S. to see what they were doing with the wondrous electronic one-sheets more than anything else, and gaming came out on top. Of the 1,400 users polled, 84 percent said they used their iPads and similar devices as a way to game on the go, beating out searching for information (78 percent), emailing (74 percent), and reading the news (61 percent).

In other interesting tablet numbers, 62 percent of users primarily tap their tablets at night, 69 percent on weekdays, and 82 percent at home. Working from home as I do, I wouldn't have been a very good survey respondent.


My iPad is primarily a book delivery device for me, though I do play an awful lot of games on it. That's for work though, so it doesn't count.

Do you have a tablet? What do you use it for? I mean aside from porn?

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