Guess What Konami's Bringing To TGS...

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Konami has announced its TGS game plans, and we are posting them. Oh yes. Let's dive in: World Soccer Winning Eleven 2009 (PS3, Xbox 360) Playable, Trailer Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) Trailer, Stage Event Metal Gear Online (PS3) Playable, Trailer, Stage Event Genso Suikoden Tierkreis (DS) Playable, Trailer, Stage Event Tongari Boushi to Mahou no 365 nichi (DS) Playable, Trailer Castlevania Judgement (Wii) Playable, Trailer, Stage Event Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS) Playable, Trailer, Stage Event Silent Hill Homecoming (PS3, Xbox 360) Playable, Trailer ChaoticEden (PC) Playable, Trailer That's right, MGS4 is making yet another TGS appearance. How many times is that now? Lots, that's how many.


Darth Tigris

Konami's invested so MUCH into MGS4 that they need to keep it out there to keep sales going.

I have been pretty vocal about what kind of numbers that Konami really NEED MGS4 to sell to be the revenue generator that the company needs it to be. If you look at their upcoming game lineup, there just aren't big selling games like it coming (unless you count maybe PES). Its the same reason why some analyst were saying GTA IV was a sales disappointment when we KNOW it sold CRAZY high numbers for a game. Just not a GTA game.

That being said, Konami needs more from the title. Metal Gear Solid Existence? I stand by my feelings that it'll be a multiplatform refined version ala Substance and Subsistence. Maybe it'll be enough to push sales up to where they need them to be for the type of investment MGS4 was and to satisfy stockholder expectations for multiple quarters.