Guacamelee!‘s New DLC Challenges Are Hard As Hell

The Diablo's Domain DLC was released Tuesday, and it adds a new area, El Infierno. Guacamelee's hell zone adds a series of challenge rooms and is also filled with well-dressed skeletons desperate for some paperwork to do, and more of the game's many easter eggs.

Check out the video above for a look at the trip through Desierto Caliente, and a taste of the challenges that await in El Infierno.

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Nightshift Nurse

The treetops section was just too much for me. Frankly, it completely turned me off of Guacamelee. Which is a shame, since I was really enjoying it up until Drinkbox placed the true ending behind a platforming section so difficult that after literally six hours of screaming at the top of my lungs (and terrifying my dog in the process) I was no closer to completing the challenge.

I me, making things maddeningly hard with no option to either circumvent or dial down the difficulty is just as big a sin as making a game too easy. Even Ninja Gaiden had Ninja Dog mode for us filthy mortals.