Guacamelee! : The Kotaku Review

On its own, nostalgia isn't worth a whole lot — It takes a truly special game like Guacamelee! to make you realize why you became nostalgic to begin with.


In the video review above, I talk about the experience of playing the artsy retro-throwback Guacamelee!; What it does right and why you should play it.

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Dr. Tobias Funke (Analrapist)

This game is all kinds of awesome. Chris didn't mention this in the review, but the ability to use the Vita as a cross-controller is pretty amazing in it's own right (the minimap appears on the screen, and I almost like the feel of the Vita better than the DualShock, mostly because the right trigger is easier to press than R2 for one of the more common moves you unlock later). Not only that, but the cloud saving works quickly and seamlessly. A definite must buy for anyone with a PS3, but ESPECIALLY if you have a Vita as well. I think I'm pretty close to the end (just unlocked the "blue block smasher" move) and am also enjoying the ramp up in difficulty, which this game does almost flawlessly as you gain access to more moves.