The hacker is trying to strike a deal with Rockstar right now, though we don’t know what kind. To stop distributing more material? To ensure that the leaker doesn’t get sued? Whatever the case, this is definitely one of the most unprecedented leaks in all of video game history.


Earlier this year, Bloomberg also reported that the next GTA would attempt to be more “culturally sensitive,” a subtler tonal shift that has already become apparent in the re-release of GTA V. The recent game saw Rockstar remove some transphobic content that had previously been criticized by some fans.

While things are moving fast on the hacking front, and rumors are flying regarding potential scams involving the sale of the source code, fans are busy trying to figure out what is visible in the footage that’s already out there. Already, there are theories about who plays the new lead.


And now, Rockstar has responded to the whole situation, noting that the “illegal” hack will not impact GTA 6 development but that the company is disappointed by this turn of events. Meanwhile, the messy aftermath of the whole thing continues to unfold, something you can read about in our follow-up to this bonkers situation here.


Update 1:55 p.m: Added details regarding the leaker’s shout-out to Rockstar, along with new developments in the story.

Update 7:10 p.m.: Added more details about GTA 6.

Update Sept. 19 9:39 a.m.: Added Rockstar’s response.