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GTA's Banshee Supercar Now Has An Amazing Real-Life Counterpart

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ever since its debut in the third Grand Theft Auto, the Banshee has been an iconic part of each game's stable of vehicles. So, of course, it makes total sense for someone to go and recreate it in real life.

The folks behind the car, West Coast Customs, based their version on the Grand Theft Auto V iteration of the Banshee. The car is said to be an exact recreation of its in-game counterpart, right down to the paint job and the high-performance engine. Here's the official description:

Utilizing state-of-the-art fabrication technologies, molds for the exterior were cut and machined piece-by-piece for the high performance base vehicle. With these molds each panel was laid out by hand to create an entirely new exterior resulting in a screen accurate reproduction of the Banshee.

Referencing the model and textures of the in-game car, the interior was handcrafted and stitched to capture the look and feel of its detailed cockpit, with seats upholstered and embroidered with the Banshee name and insignia. The dashboard, door panels and center console were reconfigured and finished with carbon inlays. And finally, a multi-speaker premium sound system was installed before giving it the iconic metallic blue exterior complete with ice white racing stripe.


The Custom Bravado Banshee is being given away by GameStop as part of their PowerUp Rewards Giveaway. Here's hoping whoever wins it doesn't drive it as one would in-game. 'Cause that just wouldn't be pretty.

PowerUp Rewards [Gamestop]

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