GTA V's Los Santos Travelogue Is Almost As Fun As Being There

Our collective trip to beautiful (and incredibly dangerous) Los Santos isn't for another month, but we can explore the sights and sounds of the city and its surrounding areas early through the official interactive travelogue. It's filled with so much greatness.

What sort of greatness, you ask? How about 360 degree views of some of Grand Theft Auto V's hottest rides?


Or a campaign video from the worst (or best) gubernatorial candidate ever?

That's his own campaign video, kids.

Learn about air travel, shopping opportunities, the BAWSAQ stock exchange and much, much more. There's so much to see, and it's only halfway complete.


So run, don't walk — well, don't really run either, you're probably at an internet-capable device right now. Just click here and play around until September 17 finally gets here, dammit.

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