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All The Video Game Franchises GTA V Has Outsold (It's A Long List)

GTA V has sold more copies than Fallout, Kingdom Hearts, and Guitar Hero combined

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Nathan Drake, Master Chief and Sonic hanging out in a purple void.
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Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best-selling games of all time. It has sold over 160 million copies since it was first released back in 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360. But to really put that number into perspective, it helps to look at all the video game franchises that GTA V, by itself, has completely outsold. Be prepared the list is long.

All of this data was gathered from Wikipedia via its fantastic best-selling video game franchise list. I’ve removed some lesser-known titles and cleaned up the data and list a bit to make it easier to quickly scroll through everything GTA V has outsold in the nearly 10 years it’s been around.


Oh and before I just dump the whole list on you, it’s fun to add up some numbers and combine franchises on this list. For example, GTA V has outsold Metal Gear, Tekken, and God of War combined. It has also outsold Uncharted, Battlefield, and Civilization. Oh and it has also sold more copies than all of Kingdom Hearts, Fallout, Kirby, and Guitar Hero combined, too.

Consider that useful info the next time you want to win a bar bet with someone. Anyway, here’s the full list. As I said earlier, it’s very, very long. Be prepared to scroll


Assassin’s Creed—155 million

Need for Speed—150 million

Sonic the Hedgehog—145.61 million

The Legend of Zelda—125.8 million

Resident Evil—123 million

Star Wars—119.371 million

NBA 2K—118 million

Wii Sports—114.52 million

Pro Evolution Soccer—111 million

Tomb Raider—85 million

Dragon Quest—83 million

The Entire Tom Clancy’s Franchise—82 million

Halo—81 million

Gran Turismo—80.4 million

Monster Hunter—78 million

Worms—75 million

Mortal Kombat—73 million

Borderlands—72 million

Animal Crossing—71.47 million

Just Dance—70 million

Super Smash Bros.—68.37 million

Donkey Kong—65 million

The Oregon Trail—65 million

Red Dead—66 million

The Elder Scrolls—58.5 million

Mario Party—57.08 million

Battlefield—57 million

Civilization—57 million

Metal Gear—56.9 million

Tekken—53.5 million

God of War—51 million

Crash Bandicoot—50 million

Far Cry—50 million

Diablo—50 million

The Witcher—50 million

Lego Star Wars—50 million

Street Fighter—47 million

Pac-Man—44.581 million

Uncharted—44.02 million

Wii Fit—43.7 million

Star Wars: Battlefront—43 million

Mario Sports—41.15 million

Guitar Hero—40 million

Harry Potter—40 million

Medal of Honor—39 million

Kirby—38.81 million

Fallout—38 million

Total War—37.8 million

Mega Man—37 million

BioShock—37 million

Counter-Strike—35.7 million

NBA Live—35 million

Kingdom Hearts—35 million

Football Manager—34 million

Brain Age—33.89 million

Saints Row—32 million

Splinter Cell—31 million

James Bond—30 million

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater—30 million

Command & Conquer—30 million

The Walking Dead—28 million

Nintendogs—27.95 million

Half-Life—27.6 million

Ratchet & Clank—26 million

Gears of War—26 million

Rayman—26 million

Rainbow Six—26 million

Tales—25.84 million

Ghost Recon—25 million

Tiger Woods PGA—25 million

Age of Empires—25 million

Devil May Cry—25 million

The Last of Us—24 million

Petz—24 million

Megami Tensei—22.7 million

Flight Simulator—21 million

Dynasty Warriors—21 million

Prince of Persia—20 million

Castlevania—20 million

SingStar—20 million

Spyro—20 million

Mass Effect—20 million

SimCity—20 million

Raving Rabbids—20 million

Watch Dogs—20 million