GTA Players Beat All of The Heists Without Ever Dying

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GTA Online's "Heists" update has a special challenge that most players will find impossible to pull off. Called the "Mastermind Challenge," the task requires players to complete every heist in order, with the same team members, on hard, with no deaths. At all. No pressure!


This weekend, the challenge was completed for the first time by an amazing team of GTA Online players. It took them about 9 hours over the course of two days to get the Mastermind Challenge. Their reward? Tons and tons of in-game money:

"Closest we ever came to death was probably both missions that heavily involve chases with Lost MC and a lot of gunfire," one of the players wrote on the GTA forums. "They come from EVERYWHERE, spray automatic weapons, and try their best to crash into you. So many close calls.


"It was the most fun I've had in GTA Online ever and one of the most stressful challenges I've ever experienced in a video game. Was it worth it? For $12 Million? Hell yes."

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Note to all players:

These skills do not translate to real life. You are not in the movie Heat.