GTA V Player Sinks A Yacht With 100 Bodies

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Ah, yes, Grand Theft Auto V: where destruction is crowd-sourced.

Recently, GTA V player RZED was curious about whether over a hundred people could sink a yacht in-game. With admirable scientific rigor, RZED collected a mass of bodies onto the bow of a large boat. He used a mod to make it drivable. What happens next is not remotely shocking.

At first, everything is fine. But slowly, the yacht begins to slow. Then, with a lurch, the boat flings itself from back to front. A few players shot off. And with the grace of a dying beluga whale, the boat’s stern descends into the ocean. For a while, it bobs underwater, triumphant. It had sunk.


RZED has conducted several similar experiments, including “Can 100+ Stop the Tram in GTA 5?” and “Can a Train Stop the Train in GTA 5?” When asked what he got out of his titanic experiment, RZED did not return request for comment.

Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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