GTA V Mansion Is An Aircraft Carrier For The 1%

Bless glitches: not only can you launch cars into the air using gates in Grand Theft Auto, but you can also do the same with aircrafts judging by this mythbusting video by DefendTheHouse. And that's not all.


You can also take Amanda's yoga ball and make it into a rolling bomb—I bet there's a lot of fun to be had with that. Also: you can easily fix your car by switching characters. Gotta love all the stuff these mythbusting videos find, no? That, and I'm rather surprised this gate glitch hasn't been patched out yet—but hey, I'm not complaining.

Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters: Episode 8 [Defend The House]

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The Owl Bard

That Cellphone bit must have been a Nokia. . . but how bad ass would that be if you could block a bullet with your cell phone?