GTA V Jet Pilots Are The Best Jet Pilots

I know that the awesomeness of Grand Theft Auto V's skilled daredevils is well established at this point. But when you see stunts this impressive, it certainly bears repeating:

YouTuber Mario4LYF3, who's been defying GTA V's laws of nature for a while now, is pulling off a lot of the same high level stunts that Luke gawked at over the summer. I'll leave it up to the other GTA flight experts out there to decide who's the better pilot. But just look at the incredible degree of control the GTA V player is exercising every step of the way. Both in terms of the vehicle itself...


...and the ability to gracefully steer said vehicle while simultaneously suppressing the urge to cave into motion sickness and vomit profusely:


Lord knows I couldn't pull that off! Just watching this gif makes me feel dizzy.

via GameSpot

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Shawntez Phillips

Man i really wan't to play gta V but im intentionally starving myself until the ps4 version comes out. Also the next gen trailer made me notice something i can't un-notice. The grass is not grass on PS3 T_T.