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GTA V Hits 29 Million Sales In Six Weeks. TWENTY-NINE MILLION.

Illustration for article titled emGTA V/em Hits 29 Million Sales In Six Weeks. TWENTY-NINE MILLION.

Grand Theft Auto V has officially hit "preposterous" levels of financial success: Rockstar has sold-in close to 29 million copies of their latest open-world monstrosity, the corporate overlords at Take-Two announced today.


29 million. Twenty-nine million. I'll let you stop and pick your jaw up off the floor now.

(Note: "sold-in" means they sold the games to stores, not necessarily to customers. Take-Two isn't saying how many copies they sold to human beings. (We asked.))


Rockstar says that the game has exceeded "the lifetime sell-in of Grand Theft Auto IV on console in less than six weeks after launch."

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Still not remotely interested in the game. Seems to be a game about douchey people doing douchey things in a douchey world...with shitty Rockstar controls.

I wanna play a game with heroes, damn it! =C