After months and months of waiting, online heists are available today for GTA V.

Rockstar Gamesā€”the company behind the Grand Theft Auto seriesā€”have announced that the free update that contains Heists is now live on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. It's around 4 GB download for new-gen systems, with last-gen users reporting that the file size is 1.2 GB. The multi-stage co-op missions require a four-player crew to play through the high-stakes theft and the Heist leader will need to have a rank of 12 or higher, along with a high-end apartment.

Selecting 'Play Heist' from the 'Quick Job' menu on the in-game phone will trigger a call from GTA V's caper-planning character Lester. Leaders will have to front the set-up costs for the heists, used for getting equipment and NPCs to fill out specific roles. You can join a heist at any player rank, though, as long as they've completed the GTA Online tutorial. We'll have more on GTA V's heists in the coming days.

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