GTA V and Dead Island Called Out For Depiction of Women

When you look at the success of stuff like The Hunger Games, Gravity and Orange Is The New Black, it's safe to say this was a pretty good year for the depiction of women in media. Just the same, though, it hasn't all been peachy this year.

Here's a montage by The Representation Group (who are behind Miss Representation, a film that's been selected for the Sundance Film Festival) that recounts many of the major controversial moments for women in media this year—and video games are included. In particular, it references the infamous bloody torso that was included in a special edition of zombie game Dead Island, as well as Grand Theft Auto. The footage shown for the latter is of a stripper giving a lap dance, though the bulk of the criticism of the game, gender-wise, seemed to lie in the fact that the single-player game didn't have any female protagonists.


Both seem like fair grounds for critique, though it would have been nice to see at least one positive for video games shown here too—sure, there's still a long way to go, but it wasn't all bad! I note this not to belittle any critique of gender-related stuff, video game wise—again, it's valid—but because successes should be celebrated, too.

(Via Polygon)

How the Media Failed Women in 2013 [Miss Representation]

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I'm so sick of feminists lately getting super upset over good looking women in bikinis. If you had that body, you'd probably be flaunting it too. Sexual objectification a big deal to you? Then tell women to quit taking "selfies" and posting them on the internet or Facebook. And I better never catch you wearing high heels, as they offer zero functionality and are all for looks even though they kill your feet (and yet women still continue to to wear them, along with THONGS). Mad about how female super heroes are depicted in comic books? Fuck you - it's fictional and it's a fantasy. If we can suspend our disbelief enough so that a man in his underwear can turn green and throw a car to the moon via super strength then we can believe an athletic chick in a bikini can take out an army of robots. You want comics with non-sexualized characters that don't have perfect 10/10 bodies then go start up a publishing company and use that angle. And quit acting like we should be ashamed of our sexuality. You're telling us to deny our natural instincts. Sex is to be championed, not scorned. Don't be a hater.