A great example of this is the achievement “Got This Figured Out.” To unlock this one, players will have to use a bus to deliver eight prostitutes to the police officer ball in GTA III. This is a fairly early mission that proved tricky for a lot of players as it required you to deliver at least four prostitutes located around the city to a single location—the Liberty City Policeman’s Ball— in a short amount of time. Because most cars in GTA III can only hold three passengers, you had to make multiple trips, and a few crashes or getting lost at any point could lead to you failing the mission. However, some crafty players realized that if you grabbed a bus before doing the mission, parked it near where you start, and then used that instead, you could transport all eight women in one go. Rockstar will now reward players for using this classic exploit.


The full list of achievements is a nice mix of normal progression rewards and accolades for more odd or non-standard shenanigans. Oh, and because this has been a debate among many players for months now, the achievements suggest that Rockstar officially considers these games remasters, not remakes.

For those wanting more information or a first look at the remastered games in action, I expect a trailer for this collection is coming soon. Perhaps on GTA III’s 20th anniversary, October 22. Seems like a perfect date to me.