GTA Online’s Coolest Christmas Present Turns Players Into Building-Hopping Monsters

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There’s snow in Los Santos today, which is, y’know, nice. But the other freak occurrence—becoming or slaying feral manbeasts that can jump over buildings—in Rockstar Games’ fake Los Angeles is a lot more fun. See for yourselves.


A bunch of holiday-themed goodies hit GTA Online this week, most of it fairly predictable in nature. But, amongst all the fireworks launchers, Santa hats and snowball fights, is a new Adversary mode. Beast vs. Slasher pits three players transformed into furry, superstrong were-creatures against a crop of normal humans armed to the gills.


Beasts can bound several stories in the air and are invisible except for a few seconds after they collect the checkpoints scattered throughout the map. Slashers get infinite lives and more-powerful-than-average weapons like a minigun, rocket launcher and railguns, along thermal vision goggles with the strength of numbers. Using super-moves drains health and Beasts won’t be able to pull off insane hops if their health is too low. But collecting checkpoints replenishes health.

The new mode mashes up characteristics from two previous Adversary Mode updates—September’s Hunt the Beast and October’s Halloween-centric Slasher—but winds up feeling more like its own creepy Christmas thing. Playing as the Beast is great fun, especially if you manage to evade the Slashers for a good long while and jump your way to victory, as I did in one round. Jumping several stories in the air reminded me of Crackdown And the tension of trying to draw a bead on a super-fast Beast as it’s mowing down your teammates really does make it feel like you’re in a horribly mutated version of, say, Die Hard. Beast vs. Slasher is a permanent addition to GTA Online, but the snow will be gone in a few weeks.

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