GTA Online Player Says Hi To 100 People, Is Murdered Almost Every Time

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What happens when you try being friendly to fellow GTA Online players? Chaos, bloodshed, and rudeness, that’s what.

Last month, ComedyKnife decided to perform an experiment within GTA Online. The plan was to greet 100 different GTA Online players, and to record what happens. Would they say hello back? Would they continue their GTA rampage? Would they care?

Perhaps those questions are optimistic. Pretty much exactly what you expect to happen does happen, but it’s still hilarious to watch:

Perhaps ComedyKnife went about this the wrong way. Perhaps, in their own fucked-up way, these GTA Online players were saying hello back—in the most Grand Theft Auto way possible. It’s telling that, as the experiment went forward, ComedyKnife himself starts getting more and more aggressive—”hello” became accompanied by car crashes, for example. This seemed to go over better than earlier attempts.


That’s not to say everyone was a complete asshole to ComedyKnife! At least a few people said hi back. As someone in the video says, these people are basically the 1% of GTA Online that don’t murder on sight. Bless their naive little hearts.

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That’s why I never play GTA: Online on public servers, only with friends. It’s way more fun and there are no players mindlessly looking to just kill the other player as soon as they see them. Yeah, I get that it’s GTA and that’s kinda the point if you insist but still. Public servers in games like these are not fun.