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GTA Online Glitch Locks Cops Out Of Their Cars

Illustration for article titled iGTA Online /iGlitch Locks Cops Out Of Their Cars

For brief period over the weekend, Grand Theft Auto Online players were robbed of one of the game’s basic joys—they couldn’t steal police cars. Fortunately for them, the police couldn’t access them either.


The issue arose on March 24, when players across all platforms discovered that standard police vehicles were being flagged as personal vehicles by Grand Theft Auto Online. It’s a status meant to keep players from stealing each other’s rides, but somehow now police cruisers also carried the tag.

In the video below, posted to YouTube by HoestOnline Gaming, we see the mechanic in action. Note that the police van that shows up later in the video is still able to be stolen.

Speculation over at GTAForums suggests the problem might have been caused by developer Rockstar Games attempting to fix a vehicle duping glitch by making cars with duplicate license plates inaccessible. Other vehicles said to have been affected included emergency response vehicles like ambulances, police and medical helicopters and various rides that turn up all over San Andreas.


Players weren’t the only ones frustrated by the turn of evens. In The Irish Hunter’s YouTube video below, we see that the non-player police were also having trouble getting into their cars.

The frustrating “glitch” was resolved later in the day, and now everything is back to as normal as it can be in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Additional reporting by Zack Zwiezen

Kotaku elder, lover of video games, keyboards, toys, snacks, and other unsavory things.

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Would be nice if I could actually play the online portion of GTA V. For some reason I can never find more than two people in a lobby 90% of the time, and if I ever do find a big lobby, I get kicked a few minutes. It’s not a NAT issue, I have decent internet and never have issues in any other games.

But for some reason GTA Online is broken for me. Sucks, I’d love to play it.