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I'll say this for Rockstar - they do like a controversy. Usually, though, they go in for cool controversies like sexy mini games or the sensationalised depiction of car crime and bullying.

Lame kerfuffles about copy protection schemes just seem a bit off-message, somehow. C'mon chaps, you'll not get many tabloid headlines with this nonsense! Get back to the prostitute murder and leave the customer-punishing DRM nonsense to your competitors.

Yes, another high profile PC release - GTA IV this time - will be shipping with SecuROM. The usual arguments are being trotted out - on the one hand it is the publisher's best defence against piracy (the copyright infringement kind, not the Somali kidnappy variety) while on the other it is a horrible mess of code that will taint the PCs of legitimate consumers like digital scar tissue.


C'est la vie.

GTA IV jumps on SecuROM bandwagon

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My Response to Rockstar:

"I hope this actually reaches a member of the Rockstar staff. The usual "Contact Us" that most companies have seems to be missing. Regardless, I am writing with concern regarding Rockstar's (or Take 2's) decision to use SecuROM v7 in their PC release of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Normally I have found myself to be ecstatic for Rockstar's releases, GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, and IV, however the news of SecuROM v7 being used in the PC release of GTA IV is one of the major dealbreakers for me, and a lot of other players out there. I was praising Rockstar for its decision to allow distribution of GTA IV via STEAM with what appeared to be a lack of third-party DRM. However, with recent reports out of Shacknews (1) and various other rumblings, this is not the case for even the STEAM based version of GTA IV.

Even worse is that there are rumors circulating that digital distributions of GTA IV will indeed have an installation limit on top of the redundant security. I have read the responses (on the site provided earlier) the responses regarding the 'common complaints', however I have not seen the actual complaints addressed. I am very dissapointed that an upstainding, Thompson aggrivating company had decided to follow in the steps of the likes of Electronic Arts, even moreso after the fiasco that was SPORE.

I hope that Rockstar will understand that the general gaming public does not see how SecuROM has stopped piracy, or hindered it in the past. I also hope they understand that while I may be voicing concerns against GTA IV's invasive scheme, I am still a good customer to Rockstar, having purchased many titles in the past. I am a Rockstar fan, and this is the kind of response that to your decisions that need to be considered.

Thank You."