GTA IV Not Meeting Sales Expectations?

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No, you read that right. There are fears that, despite already being one of the biggest-selling games of all time, Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV isn't selling as well as overlords Take-Two would have hoped, with the game slipping to 46th on the NPD sales charts in August. CNN Money reports that, as the silent, secret takeover talks between EA and Take-Two continue, these "sluggish" sales are hurting Take-Two's only real negotiating point. With 10 million copies of the game already sold, this is all a bit hard to believe, but then we weren't the ones drinking the kool-aid at T2 HQ when coming up with official sales targets. GTA IV' Sales Slow, Complicating Take-Two/EA Merger [CNN]


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Something is wrong if a game sells 10 million and that's "below expectations".

Look, I know that this is a big series. I understand that Rockstar thinks it's the biggest series in the world.

But what fucking publisher in their right minds actually *expects* a game to sell more than 10 million copies? Only literally one or two games have done that in the history of gaming, and they did it over a period of years on systems with a bigger base than either the PS3 or Xbox 360.

Take 2 needs to stop smoking so much crack.