GTA DS Lets You Buy And Sell Weed...And Heroin...And...

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Worried that GTA: Chinatown Wars was going to be a watered-down GTA experience? As in, toned down for the kids? No need to worry about that, as it's been revealed that not only do Rockstar have Nintendo's blessing to pitch the game at adults ("They didn’t want us to make a GTA for kids, and we weren’t interested in making a game we wouldn’t normally make), but that the game will let the player buy and sell prohibited narcotics. In a drug-dealing minigame. There's six drugs on offer, all of them real drugs, so if you're one of those strange, insecure types who like to get super-defensive in advance of sensationalist tabloid headlines, now's the time to start ensuring your hackles are raised. Rockstar Talks Chinatown [Edge] [Image]

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vSanjo: Probably slightly sarcastic:

'wgo'. Just pointing that out.

Let's hope countries don't ban it now?