Grand Theft Auto strikes again! A 13-year-old boy who shouldn't have been playing the game in the first place claimed that he doused three cars in Lyons, France with petrol and set them on fire after playing a few hours of "GTA IV: Liberty City" on his PC. The Mail Online does a stellar job of reporting the incident, not only getting the game wrong (GTA IV isn't released on PCs yet and doesn't have a subtitle), but the details as well.

The game awards points (for) creating as much as crime and destruction as possible in a city.

That's right, Mail Online. You forgot to mention the cheat code you can only acquire by eating a live baby. I had to do it twice, because I forgot to write it down the first time. Man those babies are filling. I'm getting rather tired of seeing these stories. We need to call for a global ban on stupid children. They're a menace. Teenager torches cars after watching Grand Theft Auto video game [Mail Online]