Aw, how adorable! But what's troubling you, Disappointed Cat? Is it us? We are sorry!

This is Foo-chan, a 3 year-old Chinchilla Golden with his own Twitter account and Tumblr. The feline's owner uploads regular pics of Foo-chan to share the cute pet with the internet.


But Foo-chan's heavy brow makes him look... worried. Like, worried all the time. Online in Japan, Foo-chan is starting to get notice on the country's biggest web forum and popular sites, and he's being called "cute, but troubled." He's just upset you let him down and didn't live up to your potential.

Chin up, Foo-chan!

ある日突然やって来た迷い猫「ふーちゃん」の日々 [2ch via 痛いニュース]

Foochan0711 [Twitter]

Foo-Chan Album [Tumblr]

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