Thirty-two year-old Seiji Saihara was arrested for allegedly stealing a ten year-old boy's Nintendo 3DS XL. It wasn't just any 3DS XL, however. It was a limited edition Pokemon one.

According to Sankei News, the incident apparently happened this past February in the city of Nishinomiya, which is near Kobe, Japan. Saihara allegedly stole the Pokemon 3DS XL and five games from the basket of the boy's bicycle, while the kid was playing in the park.

It sounds like the handheld was one of these.

Saihara then allegedly resold the limited edition handheld and the games at a used game shop. One of the child's friends spotted the handheld at said game shop, and it was possible to confirm that this was confirm it was his by checking it against the warranty.


Saihara has confessed to stealing the Pokemon 3DS XL and the games from the fifth grader.

男児から限定ゲーム機盗んで転売 32歳男を容疑で逮捕 [産経新聞]

Photo: Kozue

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