​Grisly Evil Within Glitch Lets You Play After Getting Beheaded

Illustration for article titled ​Grisly emEvil Within/em Glitch Lets You Play After Getting Beheaded

You can die in a lot of gory ways in The Evil Within. But, as this crazy glitch shows, some of them don't even work.

Captured by YouTube channel Gamebill Studio, the clip above shows the game's main character Sebastien Castellanos getting his head lopped off by a giant blade. That's usually a game-over moment. This time, though, the haunted cop acts like it's no big thing and keeps on going through The Evil Within's creepy environments. I particularly love the part where the blade swings at him again and just sails on by because there's nothing to hit.


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That looks like it could be a pain in the neck to fix.