Grim Fandango Is Better Than Ever

Now that Grim Fandango has a remastered edition, what better time to sit back, relax, and solve a few puzzles with Manny Calavera?


I have to say, replaying Grim Fandango brings back some warm and fuzzy memories. Save for the fancy new visual upgrade and far better controls, the game has overall not changed much. I'm fine with that; Grim Fandango didn't need changing, it was brilliant as it was. Now it's even better.

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Joakim Jonsson

You been switching back and fourth a lot lately between making your video a short "lets plays", and videos where you talk more about the game overall and gives your view about the experience. What makes you decide the one over the other when making a video?

I have to admit I prefer the ones when you talk about the game overall. I find them so enjoyable and insightful. And I was kinda thinking you would have a lot more to say about Grim Fandango considering your previous videos hinted a big fandom in the game and old Lucasart. :)